Full name

Kelli Canady




Columbus, OH


I’m an artist, wife, and mother creating intuitive abstracts to explore how the human mind interacts with color.


Kelli Canady is a mixed media artist from Columbus Ohio. She works with acrylic paint on paper, canvas, and wood, adding marks in a variety of materials including colored pencil, inks, and oil pastels. Deeply interested in how colors interact and effect mood, her current work is focused on play and exploration of color. She draws inspiration from shapes and forms of the natural world, allowing them to evoke feelings without representational images. Kelli Canady graduated from The Ohio State University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts focused on painting and drawing.

As of Jan 2019, Kelli is not currently selling artwork. She is, however, working in the studio daily and very active on Instagram and Facebook.


Bachelor of Arts

The Ohio State University

Columbus, OH · 2002 – 2006